Domestic Tourism Development: Experiments in Creating Employment

This is a detailed Tourism related Crowdfunding program that will:

  1.  build new partnership models between tourism and locl culture by;
  2.  completing and launching the prototype using off-the-shelf software ;
  3.  provide a minimum 7 million tourism related opportunities by December 31st;
  4.  launch 100+ entertaining television shows that increase local / international participation;
  5.  provide resources to promote and safeguard culture;
  6.  promote and protect cultural heritage;
  7.  promote closer linkages between tourism, living cultures and creative industries;
  8.  allow communities to assist in showcasing their local cultures;
  9.  link people and foster sustainable development through cultural routes;
  10.  fund urban regeneration through cultural tourism;
  11.  supporting human resource development;
  12. lower tourism marketing costs by providing a common banner / brand name;
  13. facilitating linkages between tourism sectors and local suppliers of goods and services.

This project will:

  • include techniques for promoting tourism along these corridors;
  • introduce a proven method for poverty reduction
  • provide enhanced development of local communities and disadvantaged social groups.

Please sign this petition now, to show your support for this 7 million jobs by December 31st project, then wish us good luck.

I believe everyone on earth knows someone needing a job, knows of down-and-out citizens even willing to work part-time. Nobody knows of any Government officials who are able or even willing to assist everyone as we do. In a news link you see that only China has created 7 million jobs last year, but it took them 6 months to accomplish it.  China can’t do it, Obama can’t do this for us, it is something we must together do ourselves, and just your signature on this petition helps make it happen.

Beginning in Asia, then expanding into Australia, Africa and the Americas, your Asian Highway Network corridors allows everyone to experience at first hand and interact with the local cultures that we’ve heard about. Now imagine the enormous income to be generated when everyone on your TEAM is not only helping to supply employment opportunities to local citizens but guiding the travel destinations of millions of tourists.

It’s time we average or tech-savvy citizens begin building a new partnership model where people join online here, to help each other find employment while making ourselves and our skills and talents available. We citizens can easily use our brains as a team in these forums, and stop waiting for highly paid experts who already have good jobs, to make more promises about giving us jobs. The remainder of this website explains step-by-step “How Together We Create 7-Million-Jobs by December 31st.”

Asian Highway Network Tourism Development Steering Committees Available

recruit steering committee members
Help us grow and manage tourism development in 100+ countries

See if you qualify to join a TEAM of 12 in Steering Committees to help develop, manage and share the rewards of guiding tourism and jobs development in your favorite country.

By joining and building this new partnership model we do what no government is interested in or even able to do; create up to 7 million tourism related jobs in each country by December 31st.

#1. Asian Highway Network Tourism Development Steering Committee Vacancies: For Leaders Only

While Asian Highway Network Tourism Development Steering Committee Membership is open in these 100+ countries to speciall donors of  USD $4,500, Committees are classified as incomplete unless participants demonstrate control of infrastructure affecting the target populations along the corridors served. Committee members shall represent Radio, TV, Print Media, Mobile Communications Services, Educational Institutions and others capable of mobilizing the local communities (Cultural Assets).

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#2. Distribution and Sharing of All Future Income Generated is determined by the Steering Committee

After determining which continent, country and corridors along your desired Asian Highway Network your activities will cover, Committee Members will successfully acquire sufficient promotional rewards to begin rewarding their target populations (Cultural Assets) who compete for those prizes. Qualifying contestants are those who currently offer their products – services to  tourists, and have uploaded a promotional video with their complete profile data into any of 29 tourism categories on your local website. A weekly locally produced “The Great Asian Highway” TV show featuring a rotating panel of guest judges would select one or more sixty seconds in length profile videos submitted, in your 29 tourism activities categories. You should have fun here!

#3. Locally Produced “The Great Asian Highway” – TV Series To Draw Crowds Rapidly

After the Steering Committee Members (SCM) have acquired prizes for the Top-3 weekly winners, they announce a weekly TV series rewarding Cultural Assets (CA) who compete for next weeks prizes. Beginning with the 1st category of tourism activities (Accommodations), viewers immediately know which tourism category to expect being featured on the next TV broadcasts. CA’s are taught to increase their earning potential by uploading videos into additional tourism categories. Winners this week are invited to appear in your TV studio next week to be interviewed, applauded and presented with their prizes. Be prepared, because you may have to assist with Round-Trip transportation expenses, and you may have to offer compensation if they have received additional bookings due to the superior quality of their offerings and the recent prize winning publicity. Tourism Activity, Travel, and Sightseeing Planners are eager to advertise their videos via your YouTube website, so that you retain 100% of the fees collected.

Make Yourself Famous as a TV Show Guest Judge

Winners this week are invited to appear in your TV studio next week to be interviewed, applauded and presented with their prizes.

#4 Now Provide Millions of Profitable Micro Jobs in Your Corridor

Additional Steering Committee income almost totally on autopilot is guaranteed by our including an easy to use but fully featured small job/errand or task marketplace in each corridor. Tourists will easily outsource day-to-day errands, ordinary tasks to locals for cash, and even CA’s may post small jobs and mundane tasks they might do for a certain amount of cash. Feeling the power of tourism inspired by culture yet?

#5. Description of Perks and Rewards Offered For Immediate Financial Support

Click Your Guaranteed Perks and Rewards





Read Only Access Desired Forums in Desired Country X
Posting Access Into Desired Forums in Desired Country X X  X
Will Vote in Polls From Steering Committees Affecting You X X X
Weekly Progress Report Update Videos via Email X X X X
 Contact Locals Free & Upload Odd Jobs Locals Can Do For You  X  X X  X
Read Only Access into Buy / Sell / Trade Your Perks & Rewards X
100% Access into Buy / Sell / Trade Your Perks & Rewards X X X
Paid in Full Coupons for uploading Video Requests Any Country ($10 each) X X X
100% Access in Desired Steering Committee X
Name /URL on Donors Page in Selected Country X X X X
“Asian Highway Tourism” TV Series Guest Judge ($500) X
Raise Community Project Funds Using Our Crowdfunding Feature  X  X
Bitcoins are welcomed:
 X  X  X  X

#6. Do You Now Understand The Vital Importance of Capacity Building, and How Success Is Guaranteed via Implementing These Common Techniques For Promoting Tourism Along The Asian Highway Networks?

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