7 Million Jobs Development Project Sabotaged By SiteMile.com Software Developers

7 Million Jobs Development Project Sabotaged By SiteMile.com Software Developers
Since September 2015 almost no software development support has been provided by SiteMile.com Software Developers, despite receiving payments and numerous requests to allow launching AsianHighwayNetwork.com’s 7MillionJobs.com Tourism Development Project. This project promotes and supports The World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), the United Nations Specialized Agency for Tourism’s goals, and is expected to be adopted by member countries in Asia, Africa, Australia and Pan America, to become the #1 source tourists and travel job seekers refer to. 7MillionJobs unsuccessfully attempted to design and launch a temporary employment program designed to link tourists desiring to easily contact and meet local citizens able to enhance their tourism experiences by providing 29 categories of commonly needed services. After selecting several Sitemile.com Themes to launch the worlds largest sustainable tourism development project, complete with weekly TV series we discovered WordPress exploit security software reports almost 700 SEVERE issues, while another software reported only hundreds of software issues. “To date the developers have made numerous promises, fulfilled none and have recently sabotaged launching the demo projects at AsianHighway26.com, causing a major setback”, said DK Mason, a spokesperson representing the Tourism Division at AsianHighwayNetwork.

“Sitemile’s Lead Software developer, appears to know every delaying tactic in the book, as discovered upon reading his comments on various complaint and review forums”, continued Mr Mason. Without making this article too technical, the intent is to inform prospective buyers to not consider purchasing Sitemile software at this time. Mason also stated that the online support forum is not available unless you’ve purchased Sitemile software and at that time you discover complaints from other purchasers. Following the support forum users membership links to websites of purchasers reveals very few operating Sitemile projects, as most purchasers cut their losses and moved along. Until the Sitemile sabotaged software has been repaired plans to recruit via social media contests the judges for TV series must be postponed.

WordPress Developers Needed Immediately: AsianHighwayNetwork
Software Engineers, webmasters, WordPress multi-site talent and those with related IT skills capable of working online in a Team environment to bring the AsianHighwayNetwork project online in Asia, Africa, Australia and Pan America are requested to Skype “DoctorMason.Freelancer” immediately. Plans include repairing and continuing to use most of the current software if possible.

Current focus is now redirected towards raising funding via donations and crowdfunding links on the website, to assist 7MillionJobs.com to reach its published goals as indicated in this video. Goals include a weekly 1/2 hour TV series in each country, where 3 Judges review, discuss and issue prizes to 1st, 2nd & 3rd place citizens with the most interesting promotional videos to attract business from tourists. Upon launching the now sabotaged Philippines demo project and sharing the most successful practices to the Tourism Development Steering Committees in the 32 participating Asian countries along the GreatAsianHighwayNetwork, tourists will quickly discover how easily they may locate almost any desired tourism experience, while providing temporary employment to supplement local incomes. The asian Highway Network online discussion forums for each country have recently been opened for recruiting future TV Show Guest Judges and anyone interested in mixing tourism with local culture.

Does Donald Trump Want 7Million Jobs?
In the USA the 7MillionJobs project helps serves President Trump’s goal of creating economic growth and job creation to many along the Pan American Highway and may be mentioned in a tweet by the President. The United Nations World Tourism Organization has Proclaimed 2017 as International Year Of Sustainable Tourism For Development and would likely welcome and support our Proposal To Create 7Million Sustainable Tourism Jobs In The Great Asian Highway Network. Donate to repair the software sabotaged by Sitemile.com

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