7MillionJobs.com: Volunteer Opportunities

After watching this training video and listening to this audio message, your Mastermind group will fully understand why this website is constructed the way it is and how to make changes. Nothing fancy or PROFESSIONAL, just enough so you understand what is going on.

Most people want to earn money and maybe have ideas to share about this program to help all of us earn cash.

New Community Improvement Projects Wanted:

We want your assistance creating a website database here, to allow anyone to launch a crowdfunding initiative towards a Community Improvement Project. These will be listed by country, and make it easy for others to learn about your new community improvement project ideas. Anyone willing to contribute to your success can easily donate, and real-time progress charts will be shown. Creating and uploading a video about your new community improvement project into our YouTube playlists for that particular country could really get your initiative a lot more attention especially if your video tells them the link on this website to get complete details. Click here to see a sample idea.

As a volunteer, YOU can paint the house or remodel the house yourself (this website). That means you can do things to improve or make better the basic website here. Send your contact data to mason at asianhighwaynetwork dot com along with info about whatever you want to modify or improve.

7MillionJobs: Volunteer Opportunities

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Somebody (myself or a volunteer) will send to you every so often, all of the ideas people have submitted. With enough volunteers to make it worth the effort, we may open another channel in the 7millionjobs.com forums just for you.

Everyone participating in our projects understands that we subscribe to and actively support the United Nations Global Code of Ethics for Tourism

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