I’m going to hire 9-10 copywriter freelancers to collaborate on these Sales Letters. Here’s what we want, and how you may participate.

When you look at bottom of http://doctormason.us/jobs you will see a link, above the paypal.com link so that you may download the SalesLetterCreator software we all will be using during these projects. If you feel “uncomfortable” downloading an exe file, then ask me to send to you a .zip copy. This is the software I’m currently using, which allows team members to collaborate and be responsible for a section of the Sales Letter. You are encouraged to share information that assists all of us. As each of you forward your proposed sales copy to me I’ll post it so that everyone with the password can see our TEAM progress.

Download & put this text into the bottom box on the template BENEFITS section to see my contribution.

I’ve provided links to background sales text you may want to consider or include here:
1.) http://asianhighway26.com/be-famous,
2.) https://asianhighwaynetwork.com in section #3 about “TV Show Guest Judges”.

Our completed sales pages will likely appear here: https://asianhighwaynetwork.com/shop/

That amateur chart near bottom of the AsianHighwayNetwork home page shows other benefits purchasers receive, such as gift coupons and membership into the TV Guest Judges forum as seen here: https://asianhighwaynetwork.com/forums/
You’re encouraged to look at the uses of the smart coupons here:
Additionally, here you will see a list of countries we will have these TV Series operating in: in case you want to include this as an enticement.

Remember, as each of you submit your contributions into your section of the software and forward it to me, I’ll make it available to every team member working on it. You of course, are welcome and invited to comment whenever desired. So friend are your skills up to date enough to help accomplish this task of getting buyers to give up $500 for a seat on a weekly TV series?

If you want to join the team then select a section of the Sales Letter Creator template you will be resposible for and claim it now.

      get-hired-here.mp3 - Mason

Comment if you require further instructions or don’t understand what to do next.