Reply To: TV Guest Judges Goals & Objectives

Dakom Inacum

Thinking Big requires we test this proposal in the 10 ASEAN Nations by designing some Social Media Contest toward those influencers capable of motivating their followers. Which 4 personalities in each ASEAN country qualifies to host the weekly 7-Million-Jobs TV series will be judged by how many citizens complete a profile in the website serving their country.
sample of what we can do

Most TV Show Judges will be familiar with concepts like affiliate marketing or tracking codes, and will accept such a measuring system. Our software developers can easily and quickly set that up, likely automatically as each contestant registers. While management can access the main account to see how many new members the website has, what info will the contestants have about those completing their online profiles?

    If TV Show Judge contestants have up to 90 seconds in their promo video to attract the Social Media to them, will this be sufficient?
    What proven design formats should the software developers be utilizing?
    What additional benefits can be added to this list?
    Is 30-45 days too long for accepting contestants, because some may not be able to catch up with more popular radio personalities with many active recurits?

Because this subject concerns you, your comments and recommendations are greatly appreciated.