Click to Watch The Great Asian Highway TV Series About Indonesia

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    Our goal is to gain your assistance in producing the weekly 7MillionJobs:Indonesia TV series to showcase Indonesians providing services to tourists. All citizens living along the Great Asian Highway Network in Indonesia are invited to participate and supply promotional videos into all of the 29 tourism categories seen in the drop-down menu in Image #1 on the Philippines demo website. Funding & donations for the Indonesian version of the website has not yet been received.

    Additional support is needed of course, to help insure this information reaches as many citizens and tourists as possible. This obviously assists in alleviating poverty as no fee is charged to participating citizens. All financial transactions are between the tourist and citizen. Tourists may pay a small monthly membership fee to help support this 7MillionJobs project, and others of interest to the United Nations World Tourism Organization.

    This link may make you laugh but it may also give you something to think about that benefits a lot of people.

    Join the discussion here by using any social icon to register. Do you qualify for membership on the Steering Committee, to help determine how to re-invest the profits earned in Indonesia?

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