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    Mason is Requesting US$5,000 donations and financial support to return to Bangalore, India to recruit, employ and supervise software developers that completely configure the Asian Highway Network website for selected destinations. Destination Highways to make websites for are determined by following the money. Each $5,000 raised shows that those tourism supporters want that site location designed, developed and launched.

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    Click here to see more Bangladesh Tourism Videos

    You can make donations now and upload videos into the Asian Highway Network Tourism YouTube channel, to explain what tourism experiences and adventures you are searching for in that country, your budget and travel dates. Tell exactly what you desire in your dream tourism experience so viewers able to assist will contact you via email or mobile or Skype, etc. Use your mobile phone to create and upload your desired tourism experiences, then help spread the word about this channel. You video provides temporary tourism dollars for residents in those areas and new friends. See understanding perks and rewards for more detailed information.

    Please include in your donation instructions: Country desired, Title of Video, [ATTACH=CONFIG]2[/ATTACH]

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