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    Doctor Mason

    I want to believe the Filipino Franchisees and their employees misunderstood McDo’s policies, as I am SURE that McDonald’s (GOLDEN ARCHES DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION) is not aware that hundreds of their Philippine franchises blatantly practice RACIAL DISCRIMINATION against senior citizens, and provide benefits / discounts only to their own kind. Once this video goes viral I feel confident that Ronald McDonald himself will make it known that the Filipino people promoting this are going to suffer consequences. Don’t quote me, I could be wrong.

    If this could be considered for inclusion on your channels, we can have fun with it by doing surveys in our local McDo stores, maybe asking citizens for their opinions on racial discrimination, and talking about how you feel about this issue. Senior Citizens worked hard for many years to become a Senior, saw many of their companions fail to become a Senior Citizen, and should not be discriminated against only on racial lines. This video should be shared by you because it affects a lot of people and your assistance helps you become a Powerful Video Blogger.

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