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    You supply one minute videos describing your ideal tourism experiences desired, for each country in the Asian Highway Network. Viewers able to supply those experiences contact you directly.


    Let’s verify that we understand correctly. Each country has several major Highways. Each Highway has a customized website same as but slightly different images, different locations. During this startup we can obtain certificates allowing us to post a one minute “wanteds” video into any category inside a country for US $10.00? When that Highway’s website comes online our video will be available worldwide for anyone able to assist us to do so? But these wanted videos are about some tourism experience we want to enjoy in that particular country, right? So we tell what tourism experiences we want, upload it and wait to see who responds, is what you’re telling us.

    And while we are waiting for enough money and steering committee support to launch the software for that country these videos are on the Asian Highway Network Tourism channel in YouTube (

    With enough one minute videos for some highway available, we may have a sponsor put them into a half hour TV series broadcast in that country to get local people in that region to register and offer their tourism related services. This would allow us to search to see if someone is already offering the experiences we desire and deal directly with them. So purchasing the certificates now and uploading videos now gets us in so that we don’t worry if in the future some TV series sponsor wants a fee from us to pay their expenses.

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