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    I ask for GalaxyFunder Webmasters to join, share crowdfunding resources, skills and tips to “see what happens” next. Show links to your GalaxyFunder crowdfunding platform so we can maybe learn something we were not aware of that can be done.

    My name is DK Mason (Skype: DoctorMason.Freelancer), and I purchased this domain name because it was available, and because this seems to be a decent WP plugin for those of us wanting to self-host to play with. I am not affiliated with the FantasticPlugins creators. They have a support website that seems to lack a crowdfunding discussion forum. So this forum is for us webmasters to assist each other and just see how it turns out 6 months or a year from now when I have to renew this domain.

    We are experimenting with adding a WordPress Affiliate Manager plugin for promoting some our GF projects. Big question is what should we charge users so affiliates are interested in promoting their link. Link cloaking and related topics are welcomed since all of us own domains we can redirect from.

    Posting your own projects onto our site is also a possibility after we decide how to restrict projects to our major focus areas, which are usially all tourism related. The docs say webmasters can deny or approve projects, so that is what we will do here. I”d like to exchange your traffic leads for our similar projects, for giving you a lower fee for using this domain to host one of your products.

    Would love to hear from you about what you are doing, and see links to how you have played with the CSS, how you design your perks & rewards lists, etc. I’m hoping we come up with some methods of helping each other so please register now and introduce us to your website.

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