This project is full of life threatening risks, which must be addressed and considered prior to going forward. For example, many established Government tourism officials worldwide own websites where they may charge a monthly fee of $25 Р$50 for local businesses to be listed. With only 100 clients, that amounts to $2,500/month or $30 thousand per year steady income for doing no work. With only 3 officials providing this service to those in their locality, your project threaten the loss of $100 thousand dollars annually in just one country. Multiply that by the number of new enemies in new countries. Obviously, Steering Committees require some wealth sharing proposals that must be designed to reduce / eliminate enemies, by crafting and employing some limitations on accepting business clients.  Promoting Tourism and Culture should focus upon providing services to individuals, so as not to create unnecessary problems with established tourism officials.

There is a wealth of online information answering all questions about the Asian Highway Network. So what is their relationship to you ask? When skimming the online news headlines, which catches your attention more, Asian Highway, or 7Million Why create only 7 million jobs instead of 6 million or even 8 million new “work today get paid today” jobs? Because China was boasting of having required 6 months to create 7millionjobs and we feel that could be accomplished within 30 days. Remember, we have the internet now, and a lot of smart people working together can accomplish almost anything.

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