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Galaxy Funder v9.6 Free WooCommerce Crowdfunding Discussion Forum

Galaxy Funder v9.6 Free WooCommerce Crowdfunding Discussion Forum
The more people joining Galaxy Funder v9.6 Free WooCommerce Crowdfunding Discussion Forum and posting free comments or questions about code mofifications, custom CSS, marketing techniques, etc the better it is for all of us. Join free to share your tips, tricks, showcase your site, network, help and get help from other galaxy funder webmasters. New users, successful owners and everyone else who owns galaxy funder software is welcome to join this free discussion forum.

Members want to know who you are, your background, successes, failures and experiences in crowdfunding, your goals and current website challenges or problems. Why you have chosen to DIY instead of using another platform. Yes, you may offer your services to gf webmasters.

Because this is a discussion forum for gf webmasters, you will be required to provide a link to your site even if it is still “under construction”. More good news is you can be using any version other than Galaxy Funder v9.6 Free WooCommerce Crowdfunding system to qualify for free membership. So add your link into your membership bio. Know someone else using gf? Then invite them to join us, now before you forget.

Register FREE and start posting today by following this link and selecting the free membership.

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Social Media Risks You Must Avoid

Before Using Social Media You Must Know The Risks Involved in Promoting Tourism & Culture via 7 Million Jobs

This project is full of life threatening risks, which must be addressed and considered prior to going forward. For example, a few social media risks you must avoid concerns how many established Government officials worldwide own websites where they charge a monthly fee of $25 – $50 and require for local businesses to be listed. With only 100 clients, that amounts to $2,500/month or $30 thousand per year steady income for doing no work. With only 3 officials providing this service to those in their locality, your project threaten the loss of $100 thousand dollars annually in just one region in some country. Multiply that by the number of new enemies you could gain in other regions of some countries. Obviously, Steering Committees require some wealth sharing proposals that must be designed to reduce / eliminate potential “challenges”, by crafting and employing some limitations on accepting business clients.  Promoting Tourism and Culture should focus upon providing services to individuals, so as not to create unnecessary problems with established Government officials.

For those who did not know, here is a wealth of online information answering all questions about the Asian Highway Network. So what is their relationship to you ask? Imagine you are in Australia, Africa or Pan America when skimming the online news headlines, just ask yourself which catches your attention more, Asian Highway, or 7Million We conclude that digital nomads, tourists and local citizens in say, Africa would accept the umbrella of “7Million Jobs” without complaints as it is “non regional” in its description.

Why create only 7 million jobs instead of 6 million or even 8 million new “Work Today Get Paid Today” jobs? Because China was boasting of having required a full 6 months to create 7millionjobs and we know that could be accomplished within 30 days. The 10 ASEAN Nations will be the 1st group of countries we will activate, and after the software has been modified and appears to be operating correctly then the other 74 countries will be offered opportunities to become active partners.

Remember, we have the internet now, and a lot of smart people working together can accomplish almost anything.

Social Media Press releases may be created using info you discover in this website, various links found in this website, product descriptions found in the website, and you can modify any of the pages created for the Media, including these:

Goals and Objectives to accomplish are described here;

Here is the Project Description submitted to UNWTO in October, 2015

Online petition urging viewers to encourage UNWTO Awards committee judges

Sample Press Release On The Wire

Another Press Release Kit

Press Release Checklist review before submitting PRs’

Sample Press Release from -vik_peace

Sample Press Release from machinegirl

Sample Press Release from hiakhan973

Press Release Questionnaire  from Kimprint

Press Release Article Marketing Blueprint with Instructions

Guidelines For Promoting on YouTube


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All About How Our Click-A-Flag Works

When this is completed, you will “Click A Flag”, then select a corridor, to meet local people living there ready to assist you to enjoy your vacation. Try Philippines now, then click the red line (corridor-highway) to see what each country will have. Will include Africa, Australia & Pan America.

(AH1 AH7 AH76 AH77)
(AH83 AH82)
(AH1  AH41)


(AH1 AH11)

(AH1  AH3  AH5  AH14)

(AH1 AH6)
(AH5 AH81)
(AH1  AH2  AH43)

(AH1  AH2  AH75)
(AH5  AH7  AH60  AH61  AH64)
(AH5  AH61)
(AH11  AH12)
(AH2  AH18)
(AH3  AH32)
(AH1  AH2  AH14)
(AH2  AH42)

(AH1  AH4  AH7)


(AH1  AH6)

(AH6  AH8)



(AH7  AH65)

(AH1  AH2   AH3)

(AH1  AH84   AH87)


(AH5  AH63)

(AH1  AH14)

Everyone participating in our projects understands that we subscribe to and actively support the United Nations Global Code of Ethics for Tourism