Crowdfunding 7 Million Jobs

Support creating 7 million part time tourism jobs in 84 countries

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Name: Doctor Mason
Nick Name: doctormason
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pyramid describes Crowdfunding 7MillionJobs
Crowdfunding 7MillionJobs

Listen to this audio summary explaining your role in crowdfunding 7 million new tourism jobs.

I will spend several months in a rented facility just hiring & firing until the software and mobile phone App for this has been completed, launched and tweaked. You can see its history here, and the read-me discussing the past, present and future to determine if you think I’m serious. Because I have uploaded 200+ YouTube videos here and here,  you’ll discover and  know my personality and interests.

Why Should Anyone Crowdfund 7 Million Jobs?

People, government agencies, news media and all business associations will take this project serious when they see you and others have donated a reasonable amount of support to pull this off. I will post videos preparing to leave here in Cambodia and traveling to the Thailand airport, and all about locating a place to operate out of, including locating and hiring freelancers. As you know I’d love to spend more time making videos about this crowdfunding 7 million jobs project on the Great Asian Highway Network.

Seen the TV Series Yet?

On Television are TV shows named The Great Asian Highway, which are broadcast from Japan by NHK-World. NHK WORLD is the international broadcast service of NHK, Japan’s sole and one of the biggest public broadcasters in the world. Mr Arata Lura does not yet tell viewers to click onto and he does not refer to any 7MillionJobs website. On new shows after this software has been completed, most of our television series producers will be encouraged to travel within their country, and show everyone how to network with locals registered for “Work today, Get paid today” projects.

How Crowdfunding 7 Million Jobs Will Pay You

Even if you’re not a tourist this software will allow you to earn a commission for sending business here making sales so that you’ll have extra spending money. And, when it is launched on TV and on all 4 continents, we will attempt to become the largest “Work Today, Get Paid Today”service to tourists. Read here what the developers say this Affiliate Manager software is supposed to do.



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