Asian Highway Sustainable Tourism Development Fund


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When you see the all inclusive categories of tourism activities we encourage citizens to join into and upload their promotional videos so that we can make them available to interested tourists, so that some citizens will be selected and featured on our weekly TV Shows, you will realize this is indeed sustainable tourism development designed to enhance tourism and culture.

Your donation supporting your favorite country tells our people where YOU want us to focus upon. We will create the systems you see here at AsianHighway26 so the citizens living along the Great Asian Highway Number you love can participate in Sustainable Tourism and Community Development.

Local webmasters can modify the images to more match their locations whenever desired. They can even add new languages for their local citizens whose English may be minimal, etc.

As more of the 32 countries seen here come on board with their participating websites, as more tourists visit the Great Asian Highway even via 7MillionJobs TV Series and discover how to use this system to locate almost whatever tourism experience they’d ever want while on vacation, the more everyone benefits.

Your donation assists in the creation of mobile Apps for making available everything we offer, to anyone with a mobile phone.

Your donation helps get your desired dream vacation experience video online here so that others can have fun sharing your desired dream with their followers. All of this would surely help you meet those able to assist you to enjoy life.


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