WordPress Experts: Rewards For Volunteering

Are you a WordPress Expert who refuses to volunteer 1 hour to assist anyone who is beginning with little or not enough money to pay your fee? Do you realize how many people have great ideas but lack your technical skills to birth an idea that may change mankind? Help us just 1 hour and we’ll put your name & 4-5 links and let you explain how you helped us, into the /about-us/ page in 7MillionJobs.com

Will your image, links and speech about how you assisted us bring you any rewards or new business? Perhaps you’d love to help for 1 hour but prefer to remain anonymous? Most importantly, who will benefit if you donate an hour or so helping 7MillionJobs.com get going? Is it true that what goes around comes around?

You will receive traffic when visitors read “about-us”, see what you said you did to assist in the site, and they click to offer you a job. Is “traffic” guaranteed? How many sales you make depends upon you, upon your skills. Our 7MillionJobs.com website will have a weekly 1/2 hour TV program discussing our best website members offering local tourism services, and on TV we tell why those 3 members received 1st place, 2nd place or 3rd place awards & prizes that week. New members will join (FREE) and new tourists will visit to hire our members. But we can’t guarantee you will make new customers, more money, only that you will have more opportunities. The “about-us” page thanks you for your assistance and tells traffic to click your link to hire you.

Your 1 hour assistance maybe will make a big difference, because we offer access into our Crowdfunding platform, which is designed to assist community development projects instead of personal goals. Who knows if somebody will successfully do some community development project in your neighborhood? All because you donated 1 hour to help out at 7MillionJobs.com

One day, instead of shared hosting, we will move into EC2 with a WordPress MultiSite serving members and tourists in 32 countries. By that time we will have raised enough to pay those who have assisted us in the past. With your help we will expand into Africa, Australia, Asia and Pan America. Please donate 1 hour to help everyone at 7MillionJobs.com